Thursday, May 6, 2010

My darling Suzy....

I know I may not tell you often, but you are a true inspiration to me and a dear friend. I know how hard it must have been for you when we were growing up and my little sister and I were so sick, but you always pushed on refusing to back down until you could find a way to heal us. It's only now I’m an adult, that I understand how stressful that time must have been for you. You were born to be a mother, a fact that’s been proved in the last two years as you’ve stepped up to help care for your two beautiful grandchildren who so need your guidance and affection after losing their mother.

These are my favourite photos of you. The first I believe was taken circa 1970 when you would have only been 17 or 18. You haven’t seen this photo for a long time as I pinched it from your photo box when I was a teenager after I fell in love with the groovy pair of young lovebirds and wanted to always keep it close to me. Both photos were taken at my grandparent’s house approximately 8 years apart. You’ve never lost your impeccable taste in clothes and love of colour and oh, what I’d do for just one of those pairs of shoes.
You’ve always been my guidepost when it comes to my fashion choices and, especially now as I’m starting to sew my own clothes, your opinion is still the most important.
Happy mothers day mum!
Love always
Alicia x

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