Friday, May 7, 2010

On the fringe

To my mother,

I can look at any picture my Mom and my heart instantly warms and my heart-strings are pulled! This one stands out though; it really captures her at that time in her life and really epitomizes the era--looking classically chic at a Macy's Fashion Show in San Francisco 1970 at age 16.

I doubt I would ever really be able to put the words together that do justice in describing what an amazing woman I think my Mother is and how much I respect and admire all of her qualities and her uncompromising integrity. Never too busy or tired to be there for her family, the scope of her selflessness and generosity extend beyond her immediate world to global issues where she actively and eagerly devotes time as well as money.

The more I get to know my Mom, the deeper my admiration and respect for her become. I feel priveleged and honored to say how lucky and blessed I am to have such an amazing woman in my life; one who I am so very proud to say is my Mother!

Mom, I love you more than words can ever say,
Love, Julie


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Rocelle said...

That was so sweet! Im sure shes just as thankful for having you as a daughter!