Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Road Warrior

In memory of my mother in law, Ida,

Early 1950s, road trip. Ida, all decked out for an adventure. Not too sure where they were going but who cares, check out the shades! And no one ever traveled then without lipstick. Also her signature scarf. Unfortunately we don't have many photos of her, so many lost through out the years. But the ones we have, she is always with the scarf around her hair. Gave her a kind of mystique. Well to me it did. Kind of like Jackie-O.

I wish I knew her better, it was hard with her being in Chicago & us in Boston. But what I do know is that she was a lovely woman with a very warm heart & a fierce sense of style.
Susan Miller-Cartwright

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Eyeliah said...

So many great Style Icon Moms lately! :)