Friday, May 7, 2010

Serious Shopping

For my mom, Elizabeth Holroyd,
She is the happenin' lady on the left - clutch, gloves, cool coat, hand on hip, and jaunty "Peter Pan" hat. Man, is my mom the bomb, or what? That was the typical garb gals would wear for a day of shopping. She told me that frequently, cameramen would hang out on the downtown Dallas streets, take a photo of interesting pedestrians, and then offer to sell their candid "artwork" of you walking or shopping the scene. As written below, the picture was taken in 1936 when she was 23 years old...those were the days! My mom always had a great sense of style, whether dressed up or down. She was an all around cool person and the best mom in the world.
Jill Holroyd Martyn

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