Wednesday, May 5, 2010

She wore a rasberry beret

To my mom, Rickie,
She passed away from pancreatic cancer four years ago at 57. From the time I can remember, she was a style icon! In my teens, I was somewhat embarrassed by her sense of style, but always admiring of her ability to be daring when most mom's all had that "mom" look. She always encouraged me to be myself - own it, live it, love it! I miss her terrible on Mother's Day and every day. She will always be my style icon and role model.

This is one of my favorite pics of her taken in the mid-80s. Of course, I always think of Prince's song "Raspberry Beret" when I see this pic!
Love, Chenoa Woods


Chris said...

I love that photo and that hat! The first time I met her she wore the green velvet hat with the pheasant feather. When she smiled at me I didn't stand a chance. Yours is a great tribute to her.

tex said...

Rickey Ann was the first Girl born into the family. She got immediate attention from all. She was spoiled beyond belief. Pretty as could be and adored. For a time I was her hero. I, her Uncle Bob, in my teens, She considered me "the Thing." I thought She was a "pest." I did make a habit of walking through her school; grounds on the way to my Class to check on her. My Aunt Goldie, Rickey's Ma, quizzed me everyday, "did you see Her?" When coming home from one of my tours to Vietnam I took my wife Judy to Sac to see the "wild child" as Johnny, her Father had described her. She, now a young Lady, was working in a clothing store, selling the latest "Hip" fashion. Beads, feathers, silk scraps, in the culture known as "hippie." She of course was a model of the "look" of the time.As eye contact was made I knew at once I was still her hero. She was the last person I called when shipping out for my next tour from SFO. We communicated over the years but due to different paths we did not spend time together as we should have. Distance and time, our enemy. She was a leader, very smart. Caring not what others thought about her choices, She dealt with life as She saw fit. Courage, I admire that. Judy and I missed her but more than that we missed the time we "should" have made to be around her more. Rickey Ann was an adventuress, Sailing Her ship upon her chosen Sea. Bobby

Patti said...

I might be able to count on only one hand the times I spent with you Rickie before you left this world. However what you gave us is immeasurable. There is a song “somewhere in the world out there a little girls learning how to care; taking on her mother’s charms…..”

It is with tears that I read the words above sent from others hearts and memories. I know you mostly from what you gave to your beautiful daughter, Chenoa, and what she has shared with our son and us. Independence, openness, love of flowers, a dreamer…these are all characteristic in you that we now love in your daughter. And oh, Rickie, your grandchildren; we know you see them clearer than we can so there are no words that you need to hear about how wonderful they are. Rickie you will always be present in our hearts

Edith said...

Their isn't a day that goes by without thinking of Rickie and the times we shared. Many a Mother's Day we shared a bottle of bubbly! I was just telling a woman I know at curves today that a true friend comes along once in a lifetime. As Chenoa said, Rickie had a sense of style that put Martha to shame. She showed me a different way to look at life and hummingbirds.

Aunt Jane said...

Oh my gosh..the hats!..I remember the hats always. She always looked so cute peeking out from under those berets' and with that beautiful smile. I also remember the first time I met Rickie and wondered who was this hippie chick that my brother had fallen in love with. I soon found that she was a beautiful and loving woman and saw her become a beautiful and loving mother to Chenoa. I think always of her free spirit and value the times we spent together and giggling and drinking too much wine and giggling and....saying goodbye far too soon. We miss her.