Monday, July 12, 2010

How could you, mom?!!

There are some things we can forgive our moms for: spanking, nasty tasting vitamins, inviting that drunk woman to our Bat Mitzvah that totally monopolized the karaoke machine. GRRRR.

But some things are just inexcusable. Lauren Sherman's gorgeous mom Michelle owned this mini-dress --princess sleeves, sharp color, embroidered bib-- and gave it away! Granted she was only 18 (celebrating her sister's birthday party) when it joined her closet family, but isn't there a thing called mother's intuition? How could she not know she'd have a daughter who's a freaking editor at Fashionista--who looks at runway photos and lookbooks day after day knowing the best dress ever made was in her mom's possession? Oh the humanity.

Because I have a heart, I found this similarly bell-shaped dress on ModCloth.

But it's not the same. It'll never be the same.

Monday, July 5, 2010


The timeline of mom's style goes a little something like this: mom dresses awesomely, mom meets guy, mom has you, mom dresses you awesomely, mom renovates kitchen.

Home has always been mom's fashion surrogate. I'm having that stitched on a pillow this very minute. [Faster you ingrate pillow stitchers!] It's just a fact: having pre-teen kids triggers interior decoration. Look it up, scienceheads.

So in honor of summer, when home renovations and mom's creative decorating side flourish, MMTSI is doing a giveaway with CNS Stores. We're turning an eye towards our mothers' home fashion sense.

Send me vintage photos of your mom next to her outrageous furniture. Anything from an old Hollywood chaise, to a Bauhaus vanity, from a Tiffany lamp to suburban 70's wallpaper (thanks to Mrs Davisson, above). You can email to or tweet to @momstyleicons.

I'll post the best shots and pick a winner to receive $80 from CNS mega-furniture outlet. (see terms and conditions here). If you've got a heart, you'll give the prize to mom.