Monday, October 25, 2010

Is your mom's Facebook page awesome?

I've been writing for Yahoo! Shine for a few months. (don't believe me? here's proof)

Recently I posted an article inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Advanced Style, which features absolutely gorgeous senior style icons of today. It got me thinking, if our mothers can dress brilliantly, they can probably Facebook like geniuses too.

Does your mom have a killer profile photos? Does she write on walls like Mark Twain? Does she introduce you to groups you didn't even think could exist? Is her all-around profile savvy a revelation? If so, send me screen grabs and tell me why you love her Facbook page. Email me at and I'll post in homage to your sweet ma on Shine.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Patchwork sweaters of the 70s!

It's Fall in New York. People have been saying that for weeks, but today, I took down all my sweaters from the unreachable shelf in the closet and put them pack in the drawer. It's like groundhog day for me and the cats.
Only, I didn't see my shadow, I saw an empty space in the drawer where new sweaters vintage sweaters should be.
And first pick in the lottery is the 70s patchwork sweater-- modeled exquisitely by Andrea Bell's gorgeous mom, Virginia. As the era of free love waned, the period of creative knits dawned.
Here are couple awesome ones I might buy for Fall. Mental note: wear with middle part like the beautiful Virginia. Mental note P.S.: Must color my gray roots first. Ugh.

This one on etsy has suede patches over the boobs. Hello new favorite pickup line: "Ever felt suede before?"

This one has little leathery leaves on it for crying out load. Gimme.

Look at these sweaters. I'm pretty sure I'd seen the one on the left at a found art museum. Only schizophrenic geniuses confined to 15 hours of arts and crafts at a mental institution could create that. If I was another type of human I'd buy this book to attempt to make these sweaters. But I'll probably by the book to look at the photos on ye olde porcelain throne and fantasize about the bizarre Sister Wife relationship between the three models. Why are you judging me?

Origins of vintage

Meet the women behind the woman behind Mystique Vintage, a dreamy antique clothing site with blazers, dresses and textiles from the 40's through the 80s. (There's even vintage paper!)
Genevieve, above, circa 1944, serves as muse for daughter Karen Broshears' site. And it's no wonder: look at those coke-can curls, and over the shoulder "charmed I'm sure" pose. If I was wearing a hat, I'd take it off.

Karen writes:
"I remember finding these snaps and a ton of others of her, her sisters, friends & even some old beaus in an old shoebox in the attic when I was a teenager myself. I couldn't believe my eyes. She brushed them off as "that old stuff". Somehow even though she was a proud but poor daughter of immigrants and hadn't a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of she and her sisters and pals all managed to look like glamour dolls most of the time. What I'd give to have her '40s "factory girl" wardrobe today."