Monday, November 15, 2010

Mommy and me: an 80's odyssey

Suleman Anaya writes:
"This is my beautiful mom, Lucy (short for Maria de la Luz), born 60 years ago in Mexico City. She was in law school when she met my dad, a physics student from Pakistan. They fell in love, married and settled near Frankfurt, Germany. These photos, taken mostly in the early 80's, show my mother's incredible sense of style, a modern mix of simplicity and class that came completely natural to her. She did not shy away from making a fashion statement, either: whether it was a pair of shock-pink trousers, dramatic Jackie O shades, a big fruity brooch on a pinstriped tailored suit, or just looking fierce in mad sleeveless nylon overalls, she always added an extra touch that took her from being merely chic to being truly in vogue. 30 years later, my mother is still gorgeous, fit and full of energy... a real model of elegance."

Monday, November 8, 2010

This is pretty

Lauren Naimola writes: "Here's my awesome mom in the 70s in a mid-western field rocking a very nice menswear jacket and cute strawberry blond hair."

When women rode bikes and everything was wonderful

Leili Ratti writes: "I would like to submit my beautiful mom's picture. I have this framed in my living room and people always ask if that was me with black hair. I look just like her except I have blond hair. Since the clothing always goes back in style, no one even questioned her clothing. They thought it was me. My dad took this picture of her on his motorcycle as he was cruising around with her in his hometown in Italy."

I've received a lot of photos of the early 70s of moms on bikes. They're some of my favorites. And a total excuse to complain about how my generation got the Ed Hardy end of the stick. Why don't they make bikes and the women who ride them like they used to? Now all that comes to mind is Gretchen from the Real Housewives of OC. It's not even that I want to ride a bike, I'd just really like to see a woman who looks like this on one.