Saturday, February 5, 2011

Everyone called her Kit

Peggy Younger sent this unbelievable photo of her mother, Kit (nee Catherine). The oversized collar bow is definitely a look that needs bringing back. Indie designers, you're being nudged. Another thing that needs bringing back is Kit's beauty regimen. Her shaped brows, matte lips and thick lashes have the structure and subtle tone of vintage Liz Taylor. There's nothing subtle about Kit's eyes. It takes a strong pair of peepers to beat a giant bow for attention, and Kit's got them.

Peggy writes: "The black and white portrait photo is one of my mom that is so completely Mad Men I can't take it. It was taken during the early 60's when she was a young 20- something working as a secretary in NYC. She told me she had it taken for a boyfriend at the time who was in the service."

Look of the day: Tomboy chic

Bowl cut, bow, stripes and slacks. It's 85 percent scrappy young Kristy McNichol, 14 percent sultry Phoebe Cates. Leave it to a Brazilian woman to make tomboy style sultry. That woman is Guilherme Baggio's mom. The photos above are from the mid 80s, as a very young mother living in Brazil. Guilherme writes: "This is my mother: every morning with a smile, in spite of a little bit of the existential sadness. These days, she's a chef de cuisine and works at her gas station in a little city of Brazil."