Thursday, March 31, 2011

The book trailer is up!

A trailer for a book? That's right: I have seen the future of publishing and it looks a lot like my parents. Jessica Dimmock and Mark Jackson took time away from making real movies to film a promotional video for the book based on this here blog, My Mom, Style Icon (Chronicle Books). After several back-and-forths with agents, and one very heated negotiation involving the promise of lox and bagels, we also got my parents, Monroe and Marilyn, to join in the filmmaking fun. Above is the official trailer. Below is the extended director's cut. Please forgive my disgusting fingernails. They were not ready for their close-up, nor will they ever be.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nuh-uh Award Winner: Thelma Muskin

It's been awhile since I've given away another Nuh-Uh Award. The prestigious honor is bestowed on a photo of a mom that makes me go Nuh-Uh audibly when I first see it. The sound, though guttural, is the highest form of compliment, meant to convey that I'm blown away by the rare combination of beauty, accessories and chutzpah exemplified in a single photograph. Obviously, this shot of Harriet Glazer's mom Thelma Muskin in 1955 made me utter those two syllables. I'm sure it made you do the same.

Rocking the head scarf, proper

Loves me some Brett Michaels but the bandanna looks a lot better on Katherine Johnson's mom.
Johnson writes: "This is a photo of my mom in 1965. She made the bandana chic! These days one just can't seem to rock a head scarf like they could back in the day. I love this photo because she looks so put-together, even wearing a parka in this outdoor setting (I think it was taken by my dad while they were camping)."

Good Day, Sunshine

It's hard not to fall in love with Summer Flood's mother in this photo. Flood, the blogger behind A Mom Less Ordinary writes: "Linda Jukes Davison, was 26 in this picture - taken in November 1973 by my dad when they were dating. Not many people could rock an orange jumpsuit! I'd love to know what shoes she wore with that. I like to picture cork wedges...and, yes, all that hair is real. It would have been her 63rd birthday on September 28th, so I'm feeling a little lonely for her."

The original bob

Here's your next haircut, courtesy of Claire Howard's mom Betty in the early '60s.

Mama Cass and the sparkles

I fell into a serious Mama Cass hole last night. I watched about 350 videos of the singer on YouTube, if my search history is accurate (plus or minus a few cat paws on the keyboard.) When we think about female fashion icons of the late 60s and early 70s, witchy groupies likes Patti Boyd, Pamela Courson and Marianne Faithful come to mind. But Cass Elliot, who was in fact a mama, was one of the major sex symbols of her time. Always over-the-top in jewel-tones, oversized bows and caftans, Cass didn't shy away from looks that celebrated her figure rather than downplay it. She dressed as boldly as she sang and it drove her fans bonkers. They threw room keys and flowers at her onstage. She was the Tom Jones of lady crooners. Or rather he was the Mama Cass of male crooners.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A very important letter

Dear Cecily Allen, daughter of Renee an Wesley Allen,
You may be in possession of the coolest parents ever. First of all, the above picture was taken at someone else's wedding (in the mid-70s) and your mom wore white. Two words: my hero. The crocheted shawl? The strapless peasant dress? The mood ring? The man who un-ironically and unapologetically wears ruffles and a bow-tie? Yes Please. All four.
Piper (but I feel I speak for every woman)

P.S. This photo rocks too

P.P.S. Cecily writes: "This photo was taken in 1973 or 74 in Martha's Vineyard, Ma. I love this outfit from the bangles to her top that I would kill to have today." No lie.

More P's and S's: Visors. Bring them back.