Friday, April 15, 2011

The Jewel of Kansas

When this photo started downloading the first thing I saw was the hand-painted sign and I knew the lady standing underneath it would blow my mind. She didn't let me down.

Bernadette Rose Zacharias, 28, of Lawrence, Kansas writes:

"This is a photo of my mother, Kathleen Prosise, that I believe was taken in 1975. In this picture she is standing in front of the jewelry store she owned with my father, of which she hand-painted the sign herself! My mom was a California blonde translocated to kansas, she was a painter, jeweler, and of course a style fanatic. This look, the combo of a sweater-dress (braless, of course!) go-go boots and fluffy cotton candy hair remained a signature for her even after I was born. I always think about her when I get dressed."