Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The best unintentional ad for Coca-Cola

Honeymoon pictures of parents are gold mines. Dressed in their new travel wardrobes, celebrating their first rites of adulthood (people married young before we came along) there's a candid glamour not found in posed wedding photos.

Natalia's parents, who turn 80 this year, were just kids playing adults when they married in Chile, in 1959. Juan put on his best spats and let his new wife, Maria Teresa, an Ava Gardner twin, pour one out for him.

Natalia writes: "They've been together since they were 13 and 15, respectively... one could say that's a lifetime. My mom has always been a huge inspiration to my siblings and myself, both professionally and personally. She's never had formal studies, but back in 1973 (military coup in Chile) my dad was kicked out of his job for political reasons, which made them start from zero and build their own path. She helped him out with a little accountancy office they decided to start up at home. I also remember hearing she cooked lentils and beans for at least 10 years 'til things got a bit better - I bet it was a hard time, but no doubt it made them grow stronger as a couple. About this particular picture, I can say that it never stops amazing me: they look as if they were posing for a Coca-Cola ad, don't they? Gives me a huge nostalgia for those happy, full of life days."

Original hipster: Maribel

Big news: MMTSI was featured in Chile's leading daily newspaper. That means we'll be getting a tour of Chilean fashion from bygone days. First in line: Angela shared these two unbelievably cooler-than-thou photos of her mom, Maribel. The year is 1987. The location is Chillan, Chile. The look is 30 years ahead of its time. Memo to the girl at the free outdoor Catpower concert in Prospect Park: you're wearing Maribel's blouse.