Sunday, May 13, 2012

This is Irma Mirante -- in the early 1960s, in taffeta on one of our very stylish nature/culture excursions. She continues to be a woman of style and substance!
love to her on Mother's Day and every day,
Edith Mirante

My Mother:
Beautiful, smart, fun and exciting and ALWAYS MAKING US LAUGH through the hardest of times. She is still the most loving Mother ever!!!
-Debra Szczepaniak, daughter of Geri, pictured here in Illinois in the late 70's or early 80s

The photo, taken in the early 80s, was at my mom's sister-in-laws wedding in Ontario. I love her statement jewellery - the necklace, earrings and cuff. 
-Erinn, daughter of Bonnie, 19, Montreal

[ed. note: I also love her hot-blooded monster ballad ombre hair. Heaven.]

Friday, May 11, 2012

I wish I was Clara's mom. I hope that's not weird. Also, is her dad Eric Bogosian or what?

"This photo is taken by my dad (who is also the mysteriously looking fellow pinned up on the background wall) around 1983. It doesn't show what my mother is wearing very well, which is sad because she has always had a great sense of style. But I still find her astonishingly good looking in this picture! The hair, the eye makeup, the pose… it all coalesce into some kind of revised existentialist look, from the north of Sweden! My parents had quite recently met when they shot this photo. To me this is a great document of their artistic ambitions. Moving, since these ambitions were subsequently passed on to their daughter."
-Clara Dackenberg, photographer and painter, 25, Sweden

My Yahoo! Shine pal Becky Auslander shared this incredible '60s snapshot starring her mother and grandmother. While I'm not surprised she comes from glamorous stock, I can't get over the mathematically flawless collar-to-hat ratio. I also wish I was old enough to remember a time when a women could make a leopard print hat look as elegant as this. And let's hear it for the beautiful blond teen whose hair flip totally stands the test of time.

Becky thinks so too: see below. 

Dear Mom and Grandma, 
Happy Mother’s Day to the two most glamorous women I know! Thank you for reminding always to put on a little blush! 

It's that time of year again folks!

Every year around Mother's Day, this blog transforms into a virtual greeting card. Don't think this year is any exception. For the next three days I'll be posting your vintage photos along with your e-card messages to mom. Email photos and messages to momstyleicons at

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