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Friday, May 11, 2012

My Yahoo! Shine pal Becky Auslander shared this incredible '60s snapshot starring her mother and grandmother. While I'm not surprised she comes from glamorous stock, I can't get over the mathematically flawless collar-to-hat ratio. I also wish I was old enough to remember a time when a women could make a leopard print hat look as elegant as this. And let's hear it for the beautiful blond teen whose hair flip totally stands the test of time.

Becky thinks so too: see below. 

Dear Mom and Grandma, 
Happy Mother’s Day to the two most glamorous women I know! Thank you for reminding always to put on a little blush! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Family business

Day 3 of the blog tour and we arrive at Another Day to Dress Up. You might remember blogger Megan as Modcloth's blogger of the moment. She's one of those people who makes vintage look easy. I'm medium to full-blown obsessed with everything in her etsy store, especially this. So now it's all becoming clear where she gets it. She's a fourth generation style icon. See her great grandmother, an original flapper, above.

And her grandma.

And her mom (center)

It's just in Megan's blood.

Check out more photos from her family archive here.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

FASHION TIMELINE: Gillian's Journey

Jane Fairhurst writes: "Oh the early 60's were such a fabulous time for fashion! And my English mother Gillian was a gorgeous young thing. This picture was taken in the summer of 1963 on a vacation to Tossa Del Mar in Spain. My mum is 21 and holidaying with her handsome fiance Kenneth, the young doctor she met as a nurse in the operating room. They later got married and immigrated to Toronto, where to her horror things were not as swinging as 60s Britain.

With her are her parents Margaret and Harold. They are 39 and 45 respectively (everyone looked much older back then somehow). They had just returned to Britain after a 5 year stint in Nigeria, and would soon move to Uganda (just in time for Idi Amin!) and then South Africa (Apartheid riots!) and then back to retirement in Britain, where they longed for Africa for the rest of their days. My grandfather drove a tank throughout WW2, and spent most of his time on the front. They called him lucky Harry. Lucky because he survived...

"This is a classic picture of my Mum taken in Manchester in September 1963, 2 months before she immigrated to Canada. What a gorgeous coat! And I still have that purse. And the hair.....she owned a special extension to make that beehive so high. Even today, she still backcombs her hair in a high short style reminiscent of those early days."

"Fast forward 1971, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am the happy child in the grass. I can remember how dry it was and how it pricked one's bare feet. I think my mum looks fabulous here. Everyone is happy. Mandy the Corgi and even I have the same expressions on our faces!"

Friday, March 26, 2010

Breaking: Russia

I get a lot of letters from readers of this blog. Mostly from prisoners. Mostly in response to my letters requesting their hands in marriage. But the biggest request I get by far is: MORE INTERNATIONAL POLICY ANALYSIS. So this post is dedicated to our newly signed arms control treaty with Russia.

This photo of Fira Remennik, submitted by her granddaughter Marina, was taken shortly after the end of World War II in Moscow. Says Marina: "While pregnant, she stayed in Moscow during the Hitler invasion and had a baby, my uncle, in a starved and devastated city. She had no help from her relatives since the rest of the family was evacuated to remote regions of Russia. After the war was over, she travelled a long way across the literally destroyed country to deliver permission documents to her in-laws so they could return to Moscow. Her courage paired with style makes her a wonderful example of Grandma, the style icon."
So in conclusion: less arms, more hats.

Monday, February 8, 2010

(Sigh) I wish it was summer

A few months back, when this blog was just a toddler and the weather was somewhat tolerable, a reader sent me this picture of her Grammy Eileen, circa 1966. I was holding on to it until I really needed it. On this arctic Monday in Brooklyn, I'm calling in for backup. Eileen: take me away to summerland.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Vintage Vegas

Fun Fact 1: Sin City wasn't always the home of reality show romantic dates and d-bag bachelor parties. Vilija Joyce submitted this photo of her be-dressed grandma and lucky gramps flanked by two groovy friends on Fremont street in 1958. (click on the photo for a closer look)

Fun Fact 2: People used to get really dressed up to walk the strip. And I'm not talking shiny suits and platform heels.

Fun Fact 3: The Mint (behind those kooky hipsters) was the first stop for Hunter Thompson in his "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" jaunt.

Fun Fact 4: I just read fun fact 3 on Wikipedia. I didn't actually read the book, let me just get that off my chest.

Friday, December 18, 2009

let's talk belts

This is like one of those posters in freshman year dorm rooms with a black and white photo of a little boy holding one bright red balloon. Only the balloon is a killer three-buckle belt. And black and white is brown and white--with pleats. And never you mind that handsome soldier.

Grandkid Meredith writes:" This is my grandmother Marilyn Jennings Sanders with my Grandfather Tom Sanders in Chicago in 1950. Isn't this outfit awesome? They later divorced so it's really weird seeing them standing together."

So sad. I hope she got to keep the belt--at least every other weekend. That's a divorce joke. People who like Cathy comic strips will get it.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Beachy keen

Ali Kruse writes: "Attached is a picture of my grandma and grandpa at the beach in 1956 (somewhere in NY). My grandma looked stunning at 5'10" in a classic swim suit! She was 16 at the time, my grandpa was a few years older. Can you tell he grew up in Little Italy/Arthur Ave in the Bronx?! They had my dad the following year, and against all odds, were married for 50 years before she passed away last spring. He absolutely adored her."

If there are any swimsuit designers reading the blog, copy this look stat so I can wear it next summer, please and thanks.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Let's bring back: road trip accessories

Something tells me when Nicole Mace's grandmother dressed for this photo, taken on a road trip to Michigan in 1969, she knew her picture would end up on the internet 50 years later, adored by millions (okay tens).

Monday, November 16, 2009

Spotted: a real live Mermom!

This mythological mom was spotted in Chile. The photo of "Magdelana"-- which was not doctored-- was submitted by proud grand-kid Javiera Gajardo.

Seriously, she's pretty fabulous, even with legs

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Three real moms, three dream dresses

Caroline Freedman sent in this picture of her mom at her high school graduation in 1968. "You can't see her snazzy white belt so well (darn diploma in the way), but that's my grandma and great-grandma standing with her. My great-grandma, Nana Bess, was a super stylish lady who wore silver dresses, crazy pucci prints, gaudy jewelry that could be fake or real and furs like nobody's business. She died a few months before I was born but I found tons of her things and have adopted them all into my wardrobe."

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Moms behaving badly: attitude of brattitude

I'm not the only one who covets this mom's dark denim cut-offs. An army of fedora-headed, Schwinn-riding 27 year old male hipsters would die to get their hands on those shorts. Go ahead, try her. This mom can take 'em, one by one.

Reader Lisa sent in this picture: "Towering over her twin brother (barefoot no less) my mom embodied the casual, carefree spirit of being a teenager in the early seventies. That spirit is still thriving to this day, and is one of her most (of many) admirable qualities. Her mother passed it down to her...and my grandmother, there in her floral frock, was no certainly no stranger to style herself!"

Thursday, October 29, 2009


FREAKING FABULOUS. Let me remind you: she already is the most dapper woman in history and we can only see her hat, shoes and coat. Whatever she's wearing under that coat is unfathomably stylish. Don't even try to think about it. It will hurt your brain noodles.

Sarah Moore explains: "This amazing photo is of my Grandmother and Grandaddy, in the mid 1930s, in Knoxville, Tennessee. My Grandmother worked as a model for a local department store, and had amazing style. She still does, in fact. She almost never goes out without a great brooch pinned to her chest."

My Shoe Guru

Carrie Bradshaw you can have your Jimmy Choos and your Manolos and your Loubs (ew, sorry). I'll take what's on this cool little lady's feet.

Karen Gomez was kind enough to send this photo of her grandparents Mary and Edison in the '40's. It was a nice reminder that even though I've failed in the past, it's time to try wearing socks with sandals again. Maybe I can pull off what Mary's got going on. Probably not.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Amelia who?

I'm sorry, this woman needs her own biopic, stat!

Meet Erin Schmidt's grandma. She was part of a female flight derby called the Powder Puff Derby. (The what? Read about it here!) She flew from LA to NY as a pilot, after years as a hostess at the Skytrails Restaurant at the Van Nuys airport. Erin writes: "We discovered these photos while putting together a slideshow for her memorial service and WOW! I knew she had style, but nothing like this. The sunglasses, the boots, the shorts showing off those awesome legs – I just had to share these!"

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good genes: Two generations of hot mamas

Jen Peters sent over not one but two incredible matriarchal masterpieces. She also curated them for us:

"'Grandma Portrait'" is my grandma, Mary Peters, looking absolutely gorgeous in front of a faux snowfall. This was before she popped out six kids! Grandma is celebrating her 85th birthday today."

"'Mom Prom'" is my mom, then Barbara Davis, with her prom date, Denny Bray. She was so damn skinny with perfect porcelain skin! (I definitely did not get the skinny genes.) Oh and kicka$$ glasses, too.. Her date, meanwhile, was a total sweetheart -- and still a wonderful man to this day. My mom was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in June and is currently undergoing chemotherapy, so we've been pulling out a lot of old photos lately."

Grandma got runover by a fabulous vintage faux-fur coat

Don't worry, she's okay. Actually she's more than okay, she's a style icon.

Jennifer Shertzer submitted this awesome entry to MMTSI. She writes: "This is a pic of my grandmother from the 50s. She lived in a little town and apparently was chic and didn't even know it. I think she's super cute in her faux-fur jacket."