Sunday, July 29, 2012

I heart I Heart Daily, the pop culture and lifestyle newsletter so effectively curated it's become a bible for both super awesome teenage girls I want to be and adult industry insiders alike.

The morning they gave my book, My Mom Style Icon, a shout out, the coolest people I know e-lerted me immediately. It was a fat day for my head. 

The next morning, I discovered why I Heart Daily is so beloved: when they heart something, they mean it. 

Co-founder and Brooklyn-ite Melissa Walker emailed two photos of her mom to share on this here site, that darn near inspired me to pitch a second book: mom twins (copyright mine date this second, r with the circle, trademark with a t, jinx, firsties! plus legal mumbojumbo)  

Meet Nancy Walker, one of two identically gorgeous twin sisters. I know census statistics say twins are more prevalent now than ever, but the best-dressed twins were hallmarks of the '70s and '80s.

The photo of Nancy with her sister Marion was taken in Rhode Island in the mid-70's "at my Uncle Vinnie's birthday," writes Melissa.

"My mom likes to say, "I never wore a bikini! I wore TWO PIECES." I don't really know the difference, but apparently it's big. I love how she says she didn't like dressing like her twin as a kid, but she also admits to buying both of these suits, for herself and Aunt Marion, at an outlet in Massachusetts. She did it herself! I love the gold clasp detail and the pattern is perfect (kind of Marimekko, no?)--not to mention the suit's great shape! Also: Matching pixie cuts that were and are so stylish."

Here's another postcard from Bikini beach, courtesy of Nancy. This shot was taken in the late '70s in at Carolina Beach in North Carolina.

"I love the slinky pose and great arm shape my mom is giving here. Plus, the plunging V and backless design of the suit is super chic. I've always loved her perfect pixie cut, and the fact that she's carrying a tiny bucket (likely mine!) just makes the whole scene perfect."
I Heart Nancy.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Every guilty pleasure requires some sacrifice. That's the only way I can explain the demise of the one shouldered dress. These days, it's strictly property of the Real Housewives wardrobe department. Ramona, The Countess and Vicki love an excuse to go half-strapless while holding a fruit in front of a green screen. It makes me not even want to wear a backpack on one-shoulder. But before the wonderful advent of Bravo, the one-shouldered dress was cooler, casually dance-floor sexy, and classically '70s.

Big thanks to Adriane Keepler of Baltimore for reminding us of that. Bigger thanks to her mom, Dannie, who gorgeously wore this floral one-strap sundress in 1972. 

Adriane remembers: "I was five or six and an only child. She and my father, both 27 and African American, were young, hip, super smart and admired. Both from modest, hardworking large Atlanta families, they had married as soon as they secured college degrees and began to travel the country in continued pursuit of my father's many degrees (masters, Phd).

At the time, we were living on the campus of Langston University (Oklahoma) in campus housing. I don't know where my mom was headed in this photo, maybe she was staying at home and entertaining. My parents "partied" a lot with the other professors. But the picture reminds me how beautiful and doe-eyed  (almost reminiscent of Diana Ross) my mom was.  She's always found ways to maintain an element of surprise in her "going out!" pieces: bold jewelry statements, lots of color, vintage shoes, or an unexpected dress choice.

Although mom now widowed, lives a quieter life in South Carolina now, she still kept that element of surprise in her look.  You never know what she's going to wear next."

Sunday, May 13, 2012

This is Irma Mirante -- in the early 1960s, in taffeta on one of our very stylish nature/culture excursions. She continues to be a woman of style and substance!
love to her on Mother's Day and every day,
Edith Mirante

My Mother:
Beautiful, smart, fun and exciting and ALWAYS MAKING US LAUGH through the hardest of times. She is still the most loving Mother ever!!!
-Debra Szczepaniak, daughter of Geri, pictured here in Illinois in the late 70's or early 80s

The photo, taken in the early 80s, was at my mom's sister-in-laws wedding in Ontario. I love her statement jewellery - the necklace, earrings and cuff. 
-Erinn, daughter of Bonnie, 19, Montreal

[ed. note: I also love her hot-blooded monster ballad ombre hair. Heaven.]

Friday, May 11, 2012

I wish I was Clara's mom. I hope that's not weird. Also, is her dad Eric Bogosian or what?

"This photo is taken by my dad (who is also the mysteriously looking fellow pinned up on the background wall) around 1983. It doesn't show what my mother is wearing very well, which is sad because she has always had a great sense of style. But I still find her astonishingly good looking in this picture! The hair, the eye makeup, the pose… it all coalesce into some kind of revised existentialist look, from the north of Sweden! My parents had quite recently met when they shot this photo. To me this is a great document of their artistic ambitions. Moving, since these ambitions were subsequently passed on to their daughter."
-Clara Dackenberg, photographer and painter, 25, Sweden