Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jamaican vacation hat

Mom was on vacation in Jamaica with her friend Regina in 1968. Another babe who worked at the Playboy Club. They were travel friends says my mom. Which means their relationship was based on 3 important elements: 1) their equally good looks 2) their shared desire to blow all their meager weekly earnings (my mom was an advertising account executive) on last minute trips around the globe. 3) their superhuman ability to be dude magnets. See love-struck Jamaican militant in background of photo.

Footnote: On this particular vacation, during a layover on the way back to New York she met my dad.

Footnote on the footnote: My mom has just informed me that the above information is totally wrong. She actually met my dad two years later on a layover in the Bahamas in 1970. Sorry pops, but the lady had a good two extra years of looking like this before you snagged her. Sucka.

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